About Us

We are more than a consulting company – we are your business partner. When we say we want to help businesses grow in China, we mean it.

We at LeapRight Consulting focus on building long-term trusting relationships with International Companies, Foreign Investors and with Industrial Parks and Development Zones in China, helping them to growth successfully. We maintain a positive mindset, create partnerships with a purpose, and always strive for significant outcomes. When you work with us, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.

We are committed to serve our clients and society in general and to improve the industry in China with Swiss Quality & Competence, and Chinese Efficiency & Innovation.

We are a rising name in the business service industry. We embrace a customer service culture, and believe our future is secured by advancing the interests and success of our customers. Building trust is our commitment. 

Iwan Wuelser

CEO LeapRight Consulting

Our Team

Iwan Wuelser
Founder and CEO

Iwan Wuelser from Switzerland is an expert in organisational development. His work experience over 20 years includes multinational companies, small and medium enterprises. Iwan’s consulting experience and practice in different countries consist of broad coverage from any industries. He and his consulting team in China and Switzerland are well connected to Swiss, German and Austrian companies and with local government in China. With his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm, he connects new foreign investors with China. He strongly believes in the growth of the Chinese market and is passionate about supporting Industrial Parks and Development Zones in China as well foreign companies.

Sylvester Gao
Business Development Manager China

Sylvester has been engaged in the business development of new energy vehicles supporting and translation companies for a long time, rich in contacts and experience, especially in foreign enterprises. His knowledge and expertise in  LeapRight Consulting make more European enterprises and American enterprises been introduced to China for investigation and investment, to establish a win-win ecosystem and a passion for success, we will promote the landing and sustainable development of each cooperation project.


Markus Hofstetter
Business Partner

Markus Hofstetter from Switzerland is a senior business technology executive with international management and project and experience. His international work experience over the past 20 years includes multinational companies and small and medium enterprises in various industries. Markus’ experience and practice in different countries and regions consist of a broad coverage in various markets and organizations. With passion and enthusiasm, he connects potential foreign investors with Industrial Parks and Development Zones in China. He strongly believes in the growth of international markets and is passionate about supporting the development of globally networked companies.