LeapRight Site Selection System



Industrial Park and Development Zone site selection is a comprehensive progress requiring strong knowledge of policies and technology and is critical to foreign invested projects in China. Site selection will not only impact a project’s initial investment, feasibility study and setup, but also the investment return during the operation phase and the long-term success of investment in China. 

Our primary purpose is to provide support and guidance for foreign enterprises investment in China, focusing on the preliminary site selection stage, so that they can gain a systematic understanding of the industrial parks and development zones in China that are suitable for investment and have a comprehensive analysis and selection of the strengths and challenges of each park, it’s related government policy and administrative management process. 

We provide site selection research services and establish close contact with many industrial parks. We have a unique and effective site selection system as well as a comprehensive database of the parks, providing first-hand information for site selection. 

LeapRight Site Selection System (LRs3) is a standard and systematic analysing and selecting process, meaning the decisions are based on logical and step-by-step analysis with support in theory and successful experiences. It is mainly a flexible way to process the scoring system and procedures of a park. 

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