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Why Choose LeapRight?
Beyond Training - We Empower.

LeapRight stands out in China's professional training market by combining Swiss quality with Chinese efficiency. Our training programs are custom-made and highly effective, designed to improve teams and drive innovation in businesses. What sets us apart is our trainers' international experience, having worked both in China and abroad, which brings a unique perspective to our training sessions. This approach ensures we not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations, making us the preferred choice for companies looking to enhance their team's skills with a global edge.

Our Advantage

Premium Expertise

As a Swiss premium provider with headquarters in Switzerland and Shanghai, we integrate the highest global standards with localised knowledge. This unique blend allows us to tailor our programs to suit varied cultural and business environments.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every company is unique. Instead of offering one-size-fits-all training programs, we dive into your organisation's culture, challenges, and objectives to design training solutions that match exclusively to your needs.

Long-term Partnership

We don’t just "train and go." Our relationship with you continues, ensuring the trainings we provided are effective and sustainable, leading to quantifiable results.

Commitment to Excellence

We always aim for the best and keep updating our methods. Our team stays updated with the latest trends to give you the best training solutions.

Passion to Success 

Partner with us, and together, we will unlock the full potential of your company


Who We Are 

Our Mission

At LeapRight, our mission is to empower companies and their employees with the skills, knowledge, and cultural competence necessary for success in today's global business landscape. We strive to deliver customized, high-quality professional training solutions that drive innovation, efficiency, and productivity, fostering a competitive edge and continuous growth for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected provider of professional training solutions in China. We envisage that every company has access to the highest quality training, facilitating an environment of continuous learning, development, and progress. At LeapRight, we believe in the potential of every employee and are committed to nurturing it.

Our Values

We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable manner. We actively support and engage in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of society, such as promoting diversity and inclusion. We strive to be a responsible corporate entity, making a positive impact beyond our training programs.

Modern Office

What we Do

What Customers  Saying About Us

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Olivia Yang 杨丹
SW Suzhou

Attending the "Communication, Influence and Negotiation Skills" training course in July was an unforgettable experience, benefiting me greatly. The lecturer's practical teaching approach, along with the superior training environment, made the learning journey both enjoyable and meaningful. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to improve their communication, influence, and negotiation skills, as it can open the door to success.

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Fanny GUO
Schroeder KG Shanghai

The interactive training was excellent. Real-life business scenarios provided by the trainer made learning practical and engaging. This session was not just informative but also immediately useful. Highly recommended for those seeking hands-on knowledge!

Concrete Wall

Iris Yuan 袁艾莲
VAT Vacuum Values (Shanghai)





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